• I’m a tech guy. And I like everything else too.
  • I can see the lack of human approach in things.

…my activities

  • I like sailing. I’m doing that since 2000. I do sail-racing. Small, middle size and big ones.
  • I lecture. About sailing, sailing rules, sailing tactics. Sailing match race is the best!
  • I lecture. Computers and programming stuff. But not so publicly.
  • I am a sailing judge and umpire too. Was at London olympic games, did umpire women match racing.


  • Can’t stand stupidity, hypocrisy and inactivity.
  • A good criticism is always welcome.
  • I DO have an opinion about everything, why do you ask?


  • Photography.
  • Book reading. Also kindle.
  • I do roller-skating. Well, used to. Nice memories. More volleyball now.
  • I am a programmer. Here and there. Web stuff, mobile stuff, all around smartass, basically.


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