Progress Time

Progress Time is an Pebble analog-style classic watchface with a twist. It has a clear, free of distractions display and beautiful graphics. It supports Original Pebble, PebbleTime and Pebble Round as well!

A flick of your wrist will display current weather conditions and all the details (date, time, BT state, battery level) for a short while.



In case of low battery level or bluetooth disconnection it vibrates and displays a warning icon permanently. With low battery level, seconds hand is automatically disabled.

Weather data is fetched regularly, with shorter retry period if anything goes wrong. During the night the period is longer to conserve battery life.

Follow the development in a Pebble developer forum thread.


  • disable wrist flick
  • continuously display battery level and bluetooth connection status
  • continuously display current time and date
  • use bold fonts
  • display day of week
  • date format
  • hour hand color
  • seconds hand display
  • details display/lightup timeout
  • enable weather information display
  • disable GPS usage, enter fixed city name
  • configure weather update period
  • temperature units

Help the development

Developing for Pebble is fun, but it takes time. I’m happy seeing how many of you are enjoying this watchface. Spread the word!

If you still want to contribute something, I’d be more than happy to spend it on a coffee in the morning and get things done sooner. 🙂

Get Progress Time here!

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